Like said in the glossary a transaction represents the passage of a product between two operators. The operators that can intervene in a transaction are: the producers, the traders, the transformers. In a transaction there will always be only two operators identified as transferor, for example a seller, and receiver, for example a buyer.

In order to guarantee the traceability of the supply chain the transaction it will not take into account neither the commercial agreements, nor the intermediations, but only the movement of the goods.
La transazione non tiene conto degli accordi commerciali o delle intermediazioni.
The transaction doesn't take into account the the commercial agreements or the intermediation.
La transazione riguarda gli spostamenti del prodotto.The transaction takes into account ONLY the movements of the product.

è indispensabile inserire il Documento Di Trasporto o la Fattura Accompagnatoria

To be able to register a transaction in the rete OIP platform it is essential to insert, in digital format, the document that accompanies the goods, which may be:

  • the Transport Document, D.D.T;
  • the Invoice or Compensation Self Billing;
  • the CMR consignment note;
  • the delivery note (also referred to as the Contribution Form, Delivery Note).
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