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A traceability platform for organic product is the key tool to ensure an encreasingly safe and secure sector.

An initiative that protects citizens increasingly attentive to the choice of safe products, thanks to a computerized solution that ensures the traceability of production and transactions for organic productions at greater risk of fraud. Thanks to the integration between PAP (Annual Programs of Production) data contained in the DataBio database and the direct partecipation of the main CB (Certification Bodies) of the sector and supply chain companies, the produced and marketed can be checked in time.

Through the platform it is possible to know, in a transparent and unequivocal way, the quantities produced and marketed: the platform records the volume of products and trade flow, following them throughout the supply chain to verify their consistency with certified production yields..

The system consists of an area reserved to CB and one dedicated to biological operators and ensures the traceability of transactions and the immediate reporting to CB of anomalies with respect to the Bdm, Mass Balances and to PAP, Annual Production Programs.

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