Clicking on LogoBdM menu, is diplayed operators' Mass Balance page. Mass Balance are ordered by default from the most recent to the oldest.
When opening the page you will see the following screen:
bdm oip

1: Anno campaign year 

2: CUAA corporate CUAA

3: Tipo type of production (organic or in conversion)

4: Prodotto description of the Intrastat code

5: BdM Mass Balances

6: BbM- negative Mass Balance, it takes into account only the sales of product.

7 BdM+:positive Mass Balance, it takes into account only product receptions (purchases)

8: CottoneCopia copy the displayed list to the clipboard.

9: TastoExcel export the list as an Excel file

10: TastoCSV exports the list as a CSV file

11: TastoPDF export the list as a PDF file

Icona Dettaglio: Mass Balances details. Clicking on this icon you wil be able to see the movements list (transactions, PAP, adjustments...) of the Mass Balance

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