Clicking on LogoBdM menu, operator's Mass Balance page is diplayed. Mass Balance are ordered by default from newest to oldest.
When you open the page you will see a screen similar to this one:
bdm oip

1: Anno campaign year 

2: CUAA corporate CUAA

3: Tipo type of production (organic or in conversion)

4: Prodotto description of the Intrastat code

5: BdM Mass Balances

6: BbM- negative Mass Balance, it takes into account only the sales of product.

7 BdM+:positive Mass Balance, it takes into account only product receptions (purchases)

8: CottoneCopia copy the displayed list to the clipboard.

9: TastoExcel export the list as an Excel file

10: TastoCSV exports the list as a CSV file

11: TastoPDF export the list as a PDF file

Icona Dettaglio: Mass Balances details. Clicking on this icon you wil be able to see the movements list (transactions, PAP, adjustments...) of the Mass Balance

BdM - Mass Balance: difference between the quantity of product acquired (production and/or purchase) and the quantity of product sold (sale and/or processing). Each Bdm is uniquely identified by 4 data: operator’s CUAA, product intrastat code, product type (organic/ in conversion), Year.

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