What do you need to enter a transaction?

To know all the data necessary to register the transaction:
Campaign year (harvest/PAPv) to which the transaction refers
Description of the product object of the transaction
Type of product object of the transaction: organic or in conversion
Quantity of the transacted product in Kg
Documents to attach: DDT or accompanying invoice (allowed file .pdf, .jpg,.png)

How to enter a transaction?
After the login to the rete OIP platform, click on the logoTransazionimenu item. Clicking on the button TastoNuova, you will see the following page

If the documents inerent to the transaction (DDT, Compensation Self Billing...) have not yet been uploaded, click on CaricaAllegati.
The following screen will open


Click on AggiungiFile . Choose from the dialog box the desired file with the flag and open it .
The following screen will open.


In the boxes below the file name insert, as required, the date, the number and the type of the document.

Click on Upload and then on Chiudi.

At this point you can click on SelezionaAllegati

You will see the screen that displays a list of the available attachments..


Select the desired one with a flag and click on Chiudi.
The next step is to click on the button SelezionaControparte in the first screen, to insert the counterpart of the transaction. Select the desired company and fare click on Chiudi. If the counterpart's personal data is not present in the favorites, see how to manage favorites.

Fill in all the data fileds required by the Nuova Transazione screen and then click on InviaTransazione If the transaction was correctly inserted you will see this screen


At this point, if you want, you can click on Lista Transazioni  to see the list of all the transactions, your transaction included


Or you can click on "Dettagli transazione" that will open a screen that shows you all the details of the inserted transaction

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