BdM-Mass Balance

The Mass Balance, BdM, represents the difference between the quantity of aquired good, for production and/or purchase and the quantity of sold product, for sale and/or processing.
The BdM can't be negative,otherwise it generates an alert.
In rete OIP the BdM is identified univocally from 4 data CUAA, Intrastat Code of the product, Product type (organic, in conversion), Year.
Each operator can have more than one Mass Balances depending on the products processed.

Codice Intrastat

The Intrastat Code allow to each nation member of the European Union to identify univocally a product.


The CUAA is the il Code Unique of identification Farms, it corresponds to the company Tax Code , and is considered the identifying number to use in each relations with the public administration. For this reason it is used also from rete OIP as a discriminating element in the recognition of the company.​

OdC - Certifying Bodies

The OdC, Certifying Bodies,is an organization that certifies the conformity of the crops,of the marketing and processing of organic products.
On the site DATABIO di ACCREDIA it is possible to consult the list of OdC of the biological sector .


The term operator identifies who, operating in the biological sector, intervene in a concrete way in the transactions..
As an operator we identifies without distinction a producer, a trader, a transformer.


It represents the passage of a product between two operators that will be identified as transferor, for example a seller, and receiver, for example a buyer.
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