In this page you will be able to see the details of the desired mass balance.
When opening the page you will see the following screen:dettaglio BdM reteOip

1: Data mass balance year

2: Numero the number of the transaction

3: Transazione the type of transaction

4: Controparteany operator with whom the transaction took place.

5: Prodotto intrastat product code

6: Tipo type of product (organic or in conversion)

7: Quantità quantity in Kg of the transacted product

8:  TastoNuova allows access to the page for entering a new transaction

9: CottoneCopia copies the displayed list to tthe clipboard

10: TastoExcel exports the displayed list in excel

11: TastoCSV exports the displayed list in CSV

12: TastoPDF exports the displayed list in PDF

Icona Dettaglio detail: clicking on this icon you will be able to see the detail of the desired movement (transaction, PAP, adjustment...) 

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